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Sharpen your leadership skills this summer.
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Get inspired this summer with the very best of Solvay’s leadership learning – all in just 1 to 5 days!

26 to 30 August

9 AM > 6 PM

1 to 5 days

One workshop = one day

French or English

Depending on the workshop

600€ (VAT excl.)

SUMMER DEAL: Register before July 31st and save up to 25%

Solvay Brussels School

Lunch included

How it works 

Design your own ideal week by choosing from up to 5 workshops (one workshop = one day). The workshops are given in either English or French.

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The Solvay Leadership Summer Camp is a unique opportunity to enhance your leadership skills with experts during the less-busy month of August.


The workshops are designed for experienced professionals, managers and leaders who want to be better prepared to tackle new challenges with confidence.


Build your own programme by selecting the workshops that most interest you. Choose among four thematics: lead yourself, lead others, lead teams, lead organisations.

15 workshops, 4 thematics


How to have a bigger impact as a female leader?

Understand the advantages and challenges of being a female executive and learn how to leverage the biases you face to have an even bigger impact on your organisation.

Karine Becker
Conscious Leader
@ Hire & Higher


How to transform pressure into power?

Learn to use your mind, emotion, and body to transform everyday pressures into new leadership behaviors that are aligned with what you care about most. This is an innovative approach where concepts are introduced and then experienced through embodied practices.

Manu Henrard
Executive Coach, Recruiter & Entrepreneur @ NineDots


Se connaître et se réaliser en puissance

Découvrez votre socle fondateur, vos modes de fonctionnement, et révélez votre potentiel dans la gestion de vous-même et de vos relations à autrui.

Anouk Mendelbaum
Certified Executive Coach & Consultant in Marketing, Innovation and New Business


Drive and lead the decision-making process

Take command of the decision-making process. Learn to make your voice heard, avoid biases, get the right information to the right people, and keep your mind open to new ideas and opinions.

Claudia Toma
Associate Professor


How to lead when you are not the boss?

Learn to exert influence even when you’re not in charge, and to impact stakeholders over whom you have no direct control. Master the skills of disagreeing without being disagreeable and establishing relationships based on trust.

Susan West
Managing Director
@ SJ West Leadership Consulting


Quants and experts. How do you influence decision-making?

This workshop is designed to give quants and experts the skills they need to better communicate the added value of their work to decision makers, and to adapt their communication style to different audiences.

Martine George
Leadership Development Coach


Comment gérer les conflits au travail ?

Un conflit s’inscrit toujours dans une dynamique animée par des jeux de rôle caractérisés par des arguments et des objections. Pour pouvoir résoudre celui-ci, il est nécessaire d’identifier les ressources, les limites et les stratégies des différents interlocuteurs.

Bernard Stenier
Managing Partner
@ Sunseed


Using motivational dynamics to energize your team

What gets you energized and moving is not the same as what gets others energized and moving. Learn to use the science of motivation, identify motivational profiles and experiment motivational dynamics to energize your team.

Brigitte Lipschutz
Founder, Coach and Scientific Advisor @ Team Engager


Leading a team? Get YOUR basics right

This interactive and practical workshop will give you frameworks to formalize your approaches, identify your levers to build on best practices and pick up tips to avoid the pitfalls in your 3 roles as team leader, manager and coach.

Valérie Vangeel
Leadership Practice Leader @ Solvay Entrepreneurs


Comment influencer et convaincre son équipe

Comprendre et travailler sa propre influence et l’influence que les autres ont sur nous. Identifier les jeux de pouvoirs auxquels on est soumis ou qu’on met en place. Renforcer et sa légitimité afin de créer l’adhesion au sein d’une équipe.

Michel Verstraeten


Pratiques innovantes en gestion d’équipe

Découvrez, échangez et expérimentez les nouvelles tendances en matière de gestion d’équipe dans un monde transformé en accéléré par la révolution digitale. Il s’agit de comprendre ce qui va changer, mais également ce qui ne va pas changer.

Reggy Degen
Managing Partner
@ Q7Leader


Change leadership: from “buy in” to “be in”

Understand the impact that change has on people and on your role as a leader, manager and coach. Identify the gaps in your change leadership process, and learn to use emotional intelligence to develop trust and lead your team from change buy-in to change be-in.

Frank Mathues
International Coach & Owner
@ Meetrix


Leading your organisation through digital times

Discover why some businesses fail to adapt, what the new business techniques are and learn how to successfully transform your organisation to help it thrive in an era of digital disruption.

Murielle Machiels
@ QiLi


Promoting empowerment and engagement in organisations

You start at the top of a new organisation or you just took over that role in your company? Learn to implement the processes needed to ensure you promote empowerment and engagement throughout your organisation.

Florence Pourtois
Managing Director
@ Manacoach


Bâtir une organisation collaborative

Découvrez le leadership du 21ème siècle et plus particulièrement le management collaboratif basé sur la liberté, l’inclusion et le développement personnel. Identifiez vos leviers personnels pour implémenter cette transformation dans votre organisation.

Robert Collart
Expert @ APM (Association pour le Progrès en Management)

Choose up to 5 workshops
to boost your leadership skills

One workshop = one day

Choose your workshops



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  • Using motivational dynamics to energize your team Add to cart
    Using motivational dynamics to energize your team
    Lead Teams

    Using motivational dynamics to energize your team

  • How to transform pressure into power? Add to cart
    How to transform pressure into power?
    Lead Yourself

    How to transform pressure into power?

  • Bâtir une organisation collaborative Add to cart
    Bâtir une organisation collaborative
    Lead Organisations

    Bâtir une organisation collaborative

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Great concept! I really liked the variety of topics addressed, as well as the diversity amongst attendees who came from different walks of life and various industries. All the workshops I attended were insightful, and some were real eye-openers. The content is applicable to my daily job and provides the right dose of “food for thought”. Whether you're an experienced professional, new manager, or a seasoned leader, all will find the Leadership Summer Camp full of inspiring yet practical ideas!

Nicolas Van MeleDirector Finance, HR & Operations - MedTech Europe

The Leadership Summer Camp 2018 was a great experience. It gave me the opportunity to learn very up-to-date topics in a very short time. The lecturer was amazing, extremely knowledgeable and engaging. The atmosphere was relaxed and at the same time intense. The class size being limited, the interactions between peers and the lecturer were extremely rich and frequent. Last but not least, I found the ‘à la carte’ approach to be the best option, allowing me to focus on my priority needs. I can only recommend it. I look forward to the next sessions.

Nathalie CnopsSenior HR Manager - European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology